Nov. 27th, 2016


Nov. 27th, 2016 09:24 pm
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Well we just got back from thanksgiving weekend with my parents. It wil be nice to sleep in our own bed again. I'll miss my family a lot though. While we were there, we talked a little about starting a business and moving back in with my parents while we do it. I've already written a lot of the business plan for this idea, but I think I want to really give it my all this winter and try to finish the plan. We could really do something real. :)

First I need to make sure I'm all set with my final project for school. I came up with a new idea today. I think I'll make a website about the no man's sky plants. The new update was released today and it just seems like a pretty neat idea. Sam outright laughed at me and looked embarrassed that I liked the game so much, but the most successful websites are created for niche markets like for example super fans of a video game. :P

Tomorrow is another day at work. I'll need to finish up the project that I was hoping would've been complete on wednesday. However, the supervisors never decided on a clear direction for me to take the web design for the checkout portion. It's very frustrating to have so many hands in the bucket. cooks in the kitchen... whatever. I hope I have some peace and quiet to work on it all day.

The house is really cold today. Sam turned on the space heater and the actual furnace is set to something like 60 I think. I'm not sure. so together they make the house a chilly 65


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