Feb. 1st, 2017

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I've been keeping very busy lately and I've been much happier than usual. I enjoy work and school and lately I've been using this neat app called lingvist to practice my Russian reading writing and vocab.

Today my boss asked me to visit the Chicago office next week so I'll have to take my very first business trip. I'll be gone 2 nights and ill miss Sam so much. I'm going to meet with our devopers and site architect. It's funny because right now our art director is complaining about him but I think he's fabulous. Truthfully I'd much rather work on his team.

School is slow going. I love it but I can't reply concentrate when Sam is moody and puts on loud radio and radiates negative energy. In a spiritual or emotional sense he stinks like dirt. I wish I knew how to clean him so that he could soak in sunshine and radiate positively, but I have no idea.

In general I follow a rule in which I treat him with greater care I. In the hope that he will bloom, but I dont think he's bloomed in while. His leaves are browned and his soil dry.

I don't usually talk about Sam as if he's a plant but I just wish he would smile and enjoy life.

Last night we went out with friends and the whole time he complained that it was late and didn't even bother to make polite conversation. Its concerning. Its like he just wants to hide in his own world. He barely talks to me anymore. Mostly just plays online games. I want him to see someone who could help but he's too anxious to set an appointment. I'm to respectful of his dignity to set one for him.

I haven't been sleeping well, but the amount of energy Ive had for the past few weeks is amazing. I've stopped craving quite as much sugar as usual, but I do crave kombucha. Mmmm...


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