Jul. 9th, 2017

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Sam showed me Jekyll yesterday. I got excited about its child builder Hugo. This morning I woke up early - figured it all out - made my website. Then I tried to push it to github and NOTHING. I think it needs to be compiled or something... but the idea of a compilation to create a website is comical to me. Why the hell would I go through the trouble of making these stupid text files that feed into the site through templates if at the end of it all - the whole thing is converted to HTML. like what? why not start with the html... I'm already good at templates and separating - I don't need a fucking service to do it for me. Anyway - the documentation says I need to run a hugo command and hugo depends on go and go depends on git... all these fucking dependencies. I'm sick of it. I'm going to just trash the whole thing and go back to my vanilla html.

Sam is still asleep. He probably didn't get to bed until 2 or 3. I woke up to the drunk people outside in the square. Must have been bar closing time and he wasn't in bed yet - he was probably at his computer doing all of the important things that he "never has time for because he's always caring for me". Now he doesn't want to go to church. I should've just gone by myself - but I don't like the looks people give me. Plus... there's the small matter of me not being able to talk to anyone because of my shyness.

I wish I hadn't just wasted my morning on this Hugo / Jekyll crap. I have no idea what Sam sees in it.

-- Update -- I installed hugo and was able to push the site to github. VERY upset that documentation is 100% crap. I think I should rewrite... no one should have to go though as much pain as I did.


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