Nov. 20th, 2016 09:58 pm
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Today was ok. We stayed home and did homework. Also played a lot of video games. Ate mac and cheese and vegetarian chicken nuggets. I'm not ready for Monday. At work, I just cant stop thinking about school. I wanted to get a start on the final project but the data I wanted to use just doesnt exist in any useable format. It is frustrating.

I am looking forward to a short thanksgiving work week, but the downside is that I have a ton of work to do on the new website. I cannot wait until March when the site is live and I get to see it in action for the first time and everyone will say nice things to me like "wow, what a great design Amelia" "That new site looks really sharp" "Sales have boosted so much, we cant believe it, must be that new design"... however, in the meantime its just me at my desk for 8 hours straight dragging image elements into a photoshop doc and carefully arranging it to match the wireframes. It's exhausting.

I'm also kind of annoyed that Sam has so much anxiety about visiting the post office. So much that I'll have to come home early to mail the Christmas package. Apparently one time some postal worker scared him. :(

It's so late, but I really dont want to go to sleep because then Monday comes and I have to sit in that stupid desk. I do have a laptop, but i'd rather have double desktop to give me like a solid 50 inches of screen. LOL

Yesterday was fun. We had friendsgiving and watched Harry Potter 6 with them all. Ate chocolate. Good chocolate from aldi.

So I played no mans sky today. I'm actually really close to leveling out - on more than half my abilities I've maxed out the stars they give out. I really hope that they update that game soon. I hear they have a lot of neat stuff planned for it.

Sam moved his desk into the living room. it's kind of nice to have him in here with me. before he used to go into the other room and it made me feel really lonely.


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