Mar. 3rd, 2016 08:52 pm
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Feeling alright today. I wasn't going to go to work tomorrow, but Sam talked me into it. It'll be a long day. Tonight I'm just crocheting and I did a little cooking and cleaning.

I think I need to stop watching the political race... it has me stressed out for no good reason.

I was thinking about my grandma today. I wonder if she would like to play Agricola. Next time I visit, I should bring the game and we can play together. It must be really lonely to be old. I hope people visit me when I'm old.

Thank goodness the weekend is coming up so soon. I need to get a good nights sleep and be able to lounge around in my pajamas.


Feb. 28th, 2016 04:21 pm
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I'm feeling really sloshy today. (physically sick)

I just spent like a half hour researching a crochet pattern that someone found a picture of. No directions in English, but I did find directions in Japanese.

I like researching. I sometimes want to be a librarian or someone that researches peoples questions all day.

Anyway, I spent a lot of the weekend looking for different job opportunities. I think it's that time of year when I need to watch "Whisper of the Heart" again. Sometimes I want something so much, I forget that it takes time to polish skills and youth is to be cherished as a time of learning. I shouldn't really try to grow up too fast just yet. I have a lot of learning here to do. Even though my job is nothing fancy, that's ok. I'm only a kid still really. :)

I feel better now.


Feb. 21st, 2016 08:00 pm
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Today after church we went to a luncheon party with friends. I learned how to crochet! :) I made myself a little bag, which... hm... I think I forgot it in the car. LOL!

Tomorrow night we're hosting a dinner party and then gaming. I made some lentil quinoa stuffed rolls that I'll heat up. They taste crunchy. Also making soup and salad. I'll need to go grocery shopping after work.

Speaking of work, it should be pretty fun. My supervisors out of town, so I'll get a lot of people asking me questions which makes me feel important.


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